Next Music Fest is September 11th 2021. Afternoon till midnight!

Musicians and those who love music, it is the annual “Music Fest” at Curiosity Cabin on Diamond Lake. Please mark Saturday, September 11, 2021 on you calendar and remember if you have a gig that night then come in the afternoon. There will be two band setups so you don’t have to wait around to jam. Keyboards, drums, PA and amps provided, but bring your own guitar and amp for brag’n rights. (or use one of mine). I have guitar stands for 12 guitars. Bring a lawn chair if you came to enjoy the tunes. It’s BYOB and bring a dish to pass. We will have chow on at 5pm. Feel free to tell you musical friends. It’s a magical time. More info to come later. Cheers, Mark & Kathy (GPS: 14991 49th ave NE 56209)