Written by my friend Barry Fish. Before I even learned how to play guitar I heard Barry Fish and Steve Mahlum playing this original in the Sacred Heart community hall. I was moved, so I had to record it later. This is my rendition of what I remember. Thank you my good friend.

Think Back

By Mark Haen/Tim Haen. My brother Tim wrote this terrific songbed and I added the words and the melody. It’s my brother Tim on all instruments, I only sang the lead part. Steve Mahlum sings on the chorus. A song about our parents, I just love it.

Tequila Shots

It may be interesting to some people that these short songs are all keyboards. Eat you heart out Pee Wee Herman!

Strings on Fire

Everybody has to write a song about band life! It picks up at the end. Kind of bluesy otherwise. Mike Grengs on drums.

Space Age Girl

By Mark Haen. After getting one song accepted by Dr Demento I thought I should continue and put this together. I did get a letter back saying it would not be accepted, it couldn’t have been the words to this song. “Does she brush her teeth or simply stand there flouridating?”. Synth guitar throughout, no…

Roll Out

By Mark Haen. Look out! You’re about to get motivated! I went through a phase of motivational tapes and this song is the result. So get a check up from the neck up! Scott Danielson on vocals including the four part harmony. I remember enjoying the new S&S electronic drums!

Rocking with my Brothers

My sister Becki was down for Christmas and I got her and my brother Dan to sing background vocals on this brute of a song. Written and recorded on the spot with the Roland synth guitar. John Coopman (God rest his soul) on vocals.

Kwai Quickie

What can I say? I love this melody. Stolen from the movie “Bridge over the river Kwai”


By Mark Haen. Pick up this, pick up that. Many studio friends singing back up on this including Tommy Listul, Steve Mahlum and others? Ted Visser adding some guitar licks.

Peter II

Another song recorded in the Korg workstation. Tribute to Peter Gunn.

My Heart is in a Sling

Another song I wrote to send off as a demo. Haven’t heard back and it’s been about 35 years. Must be the US postal service.

LaCroix Boogie

We just got our guitars back from the set up shop and decided to record. It’s a guitar war! Larry Donner on the strat and I played a goldtop les Paul.

Killing Machine

A version of this had vocals by the incredible Peter Fleming. Still trying to locate it. An interesting instrumental with Tim Haen on drums, bass, keys.

Just Say No!

This was an ad for drug free america! Ott Danielson on lead vocals and Carlotta Eischens on background vocals.

I Really Like to Rock

I was quite elated when I finished this. I was hoping a good group would take it and run with it. I sang my own harmonies so that’s too bad. By brother Tim on drums and keys and Steve Tersteeg on bass.

Hot August Nite

Another song for hire and it turned out to be a fun song. Maybe the guy’s name was Joe Something.

Ear Wax

This is like a charming little tune that was recorded directly in the Korg keyboard workstation. No tape was harmed making this recording. Gotta love that funky keyboard bass.

Count Me Out!

This was a song for hire and I can’t remember the guys name. I liked how it turned out for a quikie! People would send me words and I sent them a song back. $100 ha

Collect all Four

Written as a promo song for the group I was in at the time, The Mark’s Bros. My brother Tim on harmonies, drums, bass, keys.

Cold Hearted

By Mark Haen. I wrote and performed this as a demo to send off to David Lee Roth. Still waiting to hear from him.

Big Ron

This song was sent to Dr Demento and got coast to coast air play. I was famous for one night! Got on a album with Weird Al and many others. John Day on vocals. Words by Mark Haen.

Back in Another Day

This was a music for hire song. Words by Rich Reinke. I played and sang. It turned out so Beatlesk! Had to hang on to it.

Another Day

Get on with your life! If things didn’t work out so well today don’t worry, there’s always another day! Words and music by Mark Haen. Joe Haen on guitar.